our protected area project

The Coalition for the preservation of Mont-Kaaikop has been working since 2013 to find the best solution to ensure the natural and permanent integrity of Mont-Kaaikop. We believe the solution lies in the creation of a protected area at Mont-Kaaikop, according to the provisions of the Québec legislation.


category III protected area at Kaaikop would address many considerations, namelly :


  • the wide variety of opinions;

  • a desire for access to the site; and

  • the complexity and fragile nature of actual ecosystems.


Let us recall that Mont-Kaaikop is home to a wilderness, mature forests many centuries old, growing in altitude, on shallow soils and on steep terrain. The surface and underground water network is complex, comprising five head lakes.


Thousands of trekkers by feet, snowshoes or cross country skis come every year from the region, Québec and abroad. A snowmobile trail is authorized, listed and must be maintained.


Mount Kaaikop expands on three municipalities (Sainte-Lucie-des-Laurentides, Saint-Donat-de-Montcalm and Notre-Dame-de-la-Merci) and overlaps two administratives regions (Laurentides and Lanaudière). The biodiversity corridor between Mont-Tremblant and the Kaaikop willl namelly involve the municipalities of Lac-Supérieur, Val-des-Lacs and Lantier.


The logic of our preservation project must ensure the connectivity of natural areas and support biological wealth and growth. Some ecosystems are exceptional, hence precious. By cons, other public lands in Mont- Kaaikop experienced significant impacts and must recover their original quality. We have in mind the intramunicipal public lands (TPI 68) and the land around lakes Lemieux, Clair and Vaillancourt. These public lands are in the heart of the biodiversity corridor we claim to connect Mont-Tremblant to Mount Kaaikop and to Mohawk's Tioweroton Territory.


In any case, the project must receive strong support from the community and should reflect the aspirations of the population to have nearby access to a beautiful wilderness and derive sustainable economic benefits.