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our vision, our mission

Our Vision...

A natural and protected territory, interconnected with other existing and potential wilderness areas, to ensure the sustainability of the water system, the free development and diversity of animal and plant species, and public access to the splendours of the site by non-invasive and recuring tourist activities.


Our Mission...

A protected and interconnected habitat so people and nature can thrive in harmony.


We believe in:

  • Connectivity, not separation.

  • Living with nature and not against it, to take only what is necessary.

  • Considering the land at a scale that account for nature and for people, based on good faith, common sense, respect and science to guide our decisions.

  • Collaboration and genuine partnership to unite ideas and energies in synergy.

  • The power of down-to-earth, practical ideas, to unite talents and passion.

  • Citizens involved in their community, working beyond political barriers for the well-being of all.

  • Hope, because perseverance will give future generations clean water, pure air, rich forests and abundant wildlife, like everything that exists and that we currently enjoy in Mont-Kaaikop.


« Social acceptability invites the expert to enrich his/her practice to the beauty of the world and especially to the people who live in it. Have we missed something in the case of Mount Kaaikop ? »


Luc Bouthillier, Ph.D.

Professor of Forest Policy and Environmental Assessment

Université Laval, Québec, Canada


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