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The Coalition for the Preservation of Mont-Kaaikop is a citizen group dedicated to the promotion of environmental assets. The Coalition strives to establish a protected area to ensure the natural sustainability of a beautiful wilderness, consisting of Mount Kaaikop itself, the surrounding public lands and a biodiversity corridor linking Mont-Tremblant, Mount Kaaikop, Mohawks' Territory of Tioweroton and the protected area of Forêt Ouareau.

The Coalition Mont-Kaaikop aims to raise funds to get the natural and permanent preservation of Mont-Kaaikop, consisting of Mount Kaaikop itself, surrounding public lands and a biodiversity corridor linking Mont-Tremblant to Forêt Ouareau, through Mount Kaaikop and Mohawks' Tioweroton Territory.


The safeguard of Mont-Kaaikop comes from the citizens' will to insure the perpetuity of a fragile and beautiful environment, accessible, natural and exceptional ... still endangered today.


To support us, comment or take part in our efforts,  contact us...

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